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  1. past of preempt

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Preemption or pre-emption may refer to:
  • Preempt, a type of bid and a bidding tactic in contract bridge
  • Preemption (computing), the ability of an operating system to stop a currently scheduled task in favour of a higher priority task
  • Preemption (law), the displacing effect that US federal law has on a conflicting or inconsistent state law
  • A "preemption" is also a form of broadcasting blackout
  • Preemption is a type of land transfer in the United States, as in the Preemption Act of 1841
  • Preemption Line, the line that divided the Indian lands of western New York State, that had been awarded to New York from those that had been awarded to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by the Treaty of Hartford of 1786
  • Pre-emption rights, the right of existing shareholders in a company to buy shares offered for sale before they are offered to the public
  • Preemption (Media), the replacement of all or part of a regularly scheduled broadcast with a television special or breaking news.
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